Employee Spotlight – Dr. Courtney Weeks


Meet Dr. Courtney Weeks, our amazing physical therapist whose specialty is Pelvic Floor PT. Courtney’s favorite population to treat are patients with dyspareunia or pelvic pain because she feels that, in many instances, women are discounted for their pain and she enjoys helping them validate it, gain control of their bodies, improve their overall quality of life, and in many cases help to restore intimacy within their relationship. Courtney also finds a special interest in treating the sacroiliac joint/hip. She sees the hips as the foundation to the rest of the body since they transfer the force during walking and help to stabilize our bodies. This means they can be influenced by our daily activities, postures, etc. making this body part a fun puzzle to solve. Courtney practices a wide variety of physical therapy treatments but considers herself to be an expert in pelvic floor physical therapy as this is the field that she has explored the most and taken specialty courses to help further her career and help her patients.

The reason Courtney became a Physical Therapist is…

To help people while promoting health and wellness.

Courtney’s favorite place in the world?

I love being outside, hiking, and absolutely love exploring our national parks. However, one of my most favorite places in the world is Cusco, Peru with my second being Sedona, Arizona.

Three words to best describe Courtney:

Empathetic, passionate, and personable.

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SouthOCPT June 30, 2020

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