Patient Spotlight – Cynthia Ferdinansen


One of our favorite patients at South Orange County Physical Therapy is Cynthia! Each time she comes in, she radiates so much positivity with her beautiful smile and hard work ethic. Cynthia was diagnosed with Parkinsonism, and being a retired nurse who in her many years of work, never worked in a neurological setting, she had many questions and reported her neurologist recommended physical therapy as a “tune-up.” Cynthia was primarily wheelchair-bound however stayed active performing exercises at home daily, as well as attending social events, and hand painting china.

Upon her initial evaluation, she was only standing and performing side steps in her bathroom at home, she was unable to stand up without the use of her hands, stand >1 second without holding on to an object or stand on 1 foot. Cynthia came 2x a week for 1 month and was diligent with her home exercise program. At the progress note 1 month later, she had increased her Berg balance test score from 9 to a score of 29, was able to stand on 1 foot for 5 seconds, stand independently for 2 minutes, but most importantly she was able to walk more in her home. She stated, “I felt too vulnerable to walk but now I walk every day!”

Cynthia is proof that with the right exercise prescription, trust, hard work and always having a smile on her face that no matter the diagnosis, meaningful change can be made with physical therapy. We are currently seeing her 1x a week to maintain the progress and on her last visit she stated “I am so lucky to have you!” However, what Cynthia doesn’t realize is that we at South Orange County Physical Therapy are lucky to have patients like her who trust us to help her live her best life!

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SouthOCPT March 10, 2020

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