Employee Spotlight – Veronica Munoz


We are so excited to have Veronica Munoz join us at our brand new Rx Massage location in Laguna Hills!

Veronica Munoz has been a massage therapist for over 30 years. Through her years of experience, she learned how to identify a person’s dominant side and if they are out of alignment just by having one massage therapy session with them. She loves to focus on the neck and head and can always tell when a client’s muscles are tight or when ligaments and tendons need to be stretched. If the client has scar tissue from an old injury, Veronica Munoz can break it down, providing relief with less pain and reprogramming the muscles and tendons so they can have more mobility.

Veronica Munoz has loved helping people ever since she was a kid. Her great-grandfather was a massage therapist who used to massage horses and mules for the miners in Arizona. People would seek his help to care for sprained ankles, arthritis, and even football injuries. Veronica Munoz was in awe when she saw her great-grandfather help young football players go back to the field and play again after a minor injury. It was because of him that she decided to become a massage therapist, and she is very proud to follow in his footsteps!

Veronica’s favorite place in the world so far is:

The United States. She would love to see more of it. So far she has been to Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Massachusetts. Boston is her favorite city!


Veronica’s most unusual job before joining Rx Massage:

A company that made massage chairs for big movie companies like Paramount, Warner Brothers, and Sony. She had a blast walking into movie sets and watching them film a TV show or a movie!



Veronica’s first concert:

Motley Crue in 1984


Something that no one would guess about Veronica:

She loves Halloween! It is her favorite time of the year.



If Veronica was stuck on an island, what would she bring with her:

A phone (with a solar charger, of course), a water purifier, and an electric solar-powered jet pack.


Three things to describe Veronica:

A very outgoing, friendly, happy person.

Veronica Munoz

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