Orthopedic Rehab


Working with an experienced physical therapist after an injury or a surgery can help you rebuild muscle, regain strength, to recover your previous mobility or athletic ability. When you are suffering from functional deficits, deficiencies and weaknesses it’s our job to leverage our knowledge of surgical procedures to accurately evaluate each person and develop the most effective, evidence-based treatment plan.

Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Spine stabilization/traction
  • OA/ Joint/ Tendonitis/Fascitis pain management & treatment.
  • Pre-Post Operative Muscle Strength & Conditioning
  • Joint stabilization
  • Pilates Stabilization
  • Posture Re-education

We may focus on everyday functional activities that simulate the specific tasks the patient needs to do at home (“My arm hurts so now I can’t lift my baby.”) or at work (“My hip hurts so now I can’t climb a ladder.”). We may teach patients how to properly stretch. We may work on balance or proprioception skills. We may employ modalities to decrease swelling and increase circulation and healing times. If you’re an athlete with a goal, we work hard to get you back out there doing what you love. What’s amazing is how many proven, state-of-the-art treatments we have at our fingertips and how we’re able to pinpoint, combine and modify each for maximum results.