Our Services


At South Orange County Physical Therapy, our goal is to optimize your level of activity and function to help you live a better quality of life. A typical treatment program at our clinic includes:

  • Initial Evaluation by you physical therapist to better understand your condition and uncover what may be at the root of your pain or dysfunction.
  • Specific Treatment Plan of Care to help you progress through your recovery goals
  • Hands-on manual therapy, therapeutic exercise program, and appropriate modalities to help you overcome/improve your injury/condition.
  • Timely communication with your physician or surgeon
  • Appropriate health and wellness referrals for complementary/continued care to prevent re-injury and improve your overall health, wellness and quality of life

Most importantly, we listen and we care! Our team of physical therapists are highly skilled, experienced and able to provide results for the most challenging of conditions in the following areas: