Patient Spotlight – Alden


For several years, Alden struggled to stand on his feet for his work shifts. He was severely limiting his activity outside work due to the pain. He did not know the source of his pain and had poor muscle control and joint stability. Additionally, due to an athletic background, Alden had various joint and muscular pain. The pain was mostly in his shoulders, hip, and ankle. He had several injuries that went undiagnosed until starting his Physical Therapy treatment. It was April of 2020 when Alden began his Physical Therapy journey at South OCPT. At the midpoint of his treatments, his Physical Therapist recommended that massages would be a great addition to break up his knots. That was when Alden began his massage regimen with Veronica at Rx Massage. His shoulders, thighs, and glutes being a big focus during his massages.

Alden’s massages with Veronica at Rx Massage and his targeted strength exercises during the physical therapy appointments helped him tremendously. Our physical therapists taught him about his issues and have helped him re-learn quite a few basic mechanics including learning how to walk again after ankle surgery. The addition of massages to his recovery plan has helped align his body and break down any muscle soreness that builds up. That is what allows Alden to continue working out and adding strength in essential areas that ultimately should enable him to be pain-free.

When starting physical therapy, Alden’s main goal was to be able to work full time without pain and balance a workout schedule. It is now five months after his ankle surgery (tendon repair / OS trigonum removal), and he already feels better than he has at any point in the past 2-3 years.  His comfort level has increased, and the painful symptoms went from near-constant to inconsistent. This quick turnaround was not something that Alden expected yet could achieve with his dedication to getting better and his therapist’s diagnostic and listening skills, which were valuable in his physical therapy treatments and massage recommendations.

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SouthOCPT April 30, 2021

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