Rx Massage

Outstanding physical therapy and expert massage therapy, combined!

South OC PT cares about each patient and wants to offer the very best, customized, one-on-one treatment for everyone we serve. Our team of compassionate professionals is here to help you achieve not only your rehab goals but also a better overall quality of life. We treat the whole person!

Along with our individualized treatment plans, there is also the opportunity to take advantage of the healing properties of massage therapy. 

Recover, repair, and prevent injury with expert therapeutic massage by Rx Massage.

There are countless health benefits to professional massage therapy, and South OC PT continues to promote overall health and fitness for their patients by offering massage therapy with Rx Massage. The benefits of professional massage complement our commitment to providing treatment therapies that promote optimal physical and functional well-being, improve mobility, and relieve pain.

Instant relief from stiffness, pain, and tension.

The expert therapists at Rx Massage customize each session to target your specific issues and goals, so you will always leave with precisely what you needed out of your massage.

Rx Massage offers a variety of services, including Therapeutic, Deep Relaxation, Active Release Technique (ART), and Sports therapies. Massage treatments will help correct muscular imbalances, ease chronic pain, and aid in the recovery of injuries. Regular sessions reduce your risk of stress-related health issues and help you feel better overall!

We want you to try us out!

Your first massage is only $65 for new members.

(Warning: You will feel so great & recover that much quicker - you could become hooked!)


Monthly Rx Massage Membership: $75/mo

Up to $25 off EVERY massage!

Includes one, 50-minute massage OR one, 30-minute ART session per month
PLUS additional massages and ART sessions at discounted rates!

Regular Cost/Member Cost

  • 50-minute massage(s): $90/$70
  • 80-minute massage(s): $125/$100
  • 30-minute add on massage(s): $35/$30

Contact us to ask about our gift cards!
They are perfect for those you love: their health and well-being, mental and physical!

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