When I first came to South Orange County Physical Therapy, I thought I was going to be in pain for the rest of my life. My therapist was Jennifer. She changed my life and gave me new hope for life without back pain. After the first treatment, I said to the receptionist “I sure lucked out getting Jennifer.”

Now I can walk, sit & stand in comfort. I still do the exercises that Jennifer taught me. Thank you for all your help. All of the staff was caring and helpful.

Betty D

I wanted to tell you about my treatment/therapy at South Orange County Physical Therapy Specialists. I was very pleased with the staff – they treated me with respect and a genuine concern for my recovery and well-being. They were professional but also empathetic. They listened to my concerns and made adjustments to my treatment accordingly.

My first appointment after my surgery, I was so exhausted from getting ready to go, to the time I arrived, to getting to their office – I wanted to cry. Now I am back at work and have made huge improvements.

I would highly recommend this office and staff. My therapist was Jennifer – she was FANTASTIC.

Susan H

The entire staff at South Orange County Physical Therapy Specialists is knowledgeable and professional in the care they have given me. My scheduled appointments have been made with genuine consideration and have always started on time.

They have not only relieved painful symptoms, they have provided a full explanation of the specific physical reasons for the pain that enables me to understand and adjust my physical asymmetry.

Because of their experiences, explanations and caring, I have more confidence that I can improve my physical problems and manage my pain that has diminished. The at-home exercises have expanded my responsibility to work with the staff.

Serena W

Had a wonderful experience with them from beginning till end, organized prompt and nice environment. My therapist Jennifer Carman was incredible. I was feeling better from some horrific pain in about two visits. MAGIC! Lovely people, calm and loving atmosphere. Highly recommend.

Agnes S.

South Orange County Physical Therapy Specialists excels in all aspects of their practice. From extremely helpful and courteous receptionists, to sharp and attentive aids, as well as their extremely knowledgeable therapists, the whole team there seems to take pride in their jobs and have the patients recovery as their top priority. I have been extremely pleased with their care and would recommend them to anyone in need of therapy.

Nate T.